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Chi Machine Benefits include muscle pain relief, increase in local blood circulation and oxygen via gentle motion of the entire body, energy increase, mental focus, stable back support alignment (used lying flat), promotes lymph drainage (as documented in Australian clinical trials), internal massage, physical and mental release from tension, fatigue and stress, the promotion of deeper, improved breathing, balance of the autonomic nervous system and relaxation. When the machine stops, a unique rush of Chi energy is felt from head to toe.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine maintains and promotes general health of the body via passive physical stimulation, with no side effects, no drugs, no invasive procedures, no risk of injury. Daily movement of the body is the foundation of health and wellness on multiple levels. Without physical movement the body cannot maintain long term health.

Background on Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine:

The Original Chi Machine is the result of 38 years of medical and scientific research by renowned Japanese scientist Dr. Shizou Inoue. He invented the Chi Machine to enable the human body to gently sway from side to side in a figure of eight (the same way a goldfish swims), with absolutely no pressure or stress to the body as in traditional forms of exercise where the body is normally erect. This motion may also be compared to a masseuse holding your ankles and swinging you from side to side after Japanese Shiatsu massage.

Even land mammals try to duplicate this very same motion ... 

One Set Speed: Precise oscillation (movement from side to side), at approximately 144 cycles/minute as designed by Dr. Inoue - a multiple of the average pulse rate (72) and the cerebro-spinal pump rhythm (12) synchronized with heat rate, blood pressure and spinal alignment - creates a balanced, rhythmic, relaxing wave-like motion throughout the entire body in a perfect figure of eight. 

Faster or slower speeds will throw off the figure of eight and cause imbalance, lessening the benefits of 144 cycles. Intentionally designed to accommodate all body-types taking into consideration all ages, height, weight and health status.


Benefits for all ages 4yrs to 100yrs, 
and all lifestyles inbetween.

The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine is for virtually everyone including stressed parents, hyperactive children and unfocused adults, students that need mental focus, office workers that sit all day, everyone that lacks energy, hard working construction workers and manual laborers, athletes, military personnel, the physically challenged, and sedentary senior citizens.



Famous Australian athlete Solomon Haumono.
A great choice for athletes and coaches.

Athletes: Knock out your competition with this secret weapon! The Sun Ancon Chi Machine may be used for warming up, enhanced performance, mental focus, and to cool down after engaging in athletics, body building, martial arts, dance, ballet or yoga. Increased oxygen promotes dissipation of lactic acid from sore muscles if used after a workout session.

The frail, physically challenged, seniors, wheelchair bound or bedridden: Due to its low impact operation, the Chi Machine is extremely valuable to those who through age or physical limitations have reduced activity. These people in particular benefit tremendously from the gentle motion of the machine and the additional oxygen which stimulates mental focus. The machine temporarily relieves muscle aches and pains enabling seniors to be more comfortable and mobile, allowing you to spend quality time with your grandparents and loved ones, both mentally and physically.

The Chi Machine is used whilst lying down with no pressure, stress or tension applied to any part of your body so there is no risk of injury. Unlike high impact, vigorous exercise, heartbeat and blood pressure do not increase and there is no stress to your back, the spine, joints, muscles, ligaments, heart or lungs. For those who are wheelchair bound, simply place the feet on top of the ankle rest.

Some of us hate exercise, it's exhausting.  

Everyone can find benefits: Computer workers with fatigue, muscle pain and disrupted sleep patterns, exhausted physical laborers, those who endure long hours of commuting, sales people on their feet all day, chiropractors needing to relax their patients, children lacking mental focus, adults who simply hate to exercise but want to, anyone that needs to calm their body down from daily physical and mental stress ... the Chi Machine makes a difference both emotionally and physically. 

Raise your hand ... who can't spare 5 to 10 minutes?!


1) Temporarily relieves minor muscle aches, pains and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion.
2) Temporarily increases local blood circulation and oxygen - relaxes muscles locally.
3) Stimulation of Lymphatic System which promotes elimination of metabolic waste and toxins.
4) Promotes Lymph drainage and massage.
5) Healthy back support - used lying flat. No pressure placed on the spine.
6) Promotes both mental focus and physical energy.
6) Induces Alpha waves of relaxation in the brain coupled with stimulation of the spine's autonomic nervous system.
7) Provides a unique experience, the rush of Chi energy through the body - enhances meditation.

Here is a PubMed article ....

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