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2020 - Harmonize Your Year

Happy New Year!

And happy new decade as we’ve made it back to the roaring twenties!

If 2019 was a tough year for you, take heart. The number 20 brings with it a message of love, support and encouragement. Trust that things are happening now to align you with your dreams and desires, even if you can’t yet see them. This year brings renewed hope for more cooperation, adaptability, and harmony.

Let’s take a moment to look at Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 20 to support us this year. Mary Burmeister said,

Any fool can count the number of seeds in an apple, but only the eternal cosmic mind knows the number of fruit within the seed. When your 20s are open, you’ll have vision like that.

SEL 20 is known as the Brain Specialist, the culmination of all mental activity. When in harmony, it brings common sense and logic, aligning you with universal consciousness. SEL 20 is located on your forehead, just above each eye. You can harmonize this safety energy lock by holding these points, or by holding your little fingers.

2020 is also a 4 year

2+0+2+0 = 4

Located at the base of your skull, on either side of the spine, Safety Energy Lock 4 is the Window, allowing air and light into the body. Like SEL 20, 4 brings consciousness through awareness and understanding. It helps us to form firm boundaries when needed. SEL 4 harmonizes and cleans the entire body, bringing in new life. If you tend to get headaches often, it may be because your windows are dirty. Hold the base of your skull to clear the energy. Keep this area clear to assist in manifesting your goals and bringing your dreams to life. Holding your ring fingers can also help to harmonize this energy.

Holding these two safety energy locks together, the right 20 with the left 4 or the left 20 with the right 4, is a great way to help clear any headaches. It can also help support your eyes and ears.

Whether you’re holding your 20s, your 4s, or both together… try holding for 36 conscious breaths, or about 20 minutes. Do this daily and experience the positive changes that will begin to manifest.

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