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A Super Blood Wolf Moon with Planetary Alignment

Tonight's lunar eclipse in Leo is the 9th and final eclipse in its series. Full moons are all about releasing what no longer serves you, and the eclipse reveals shadows which we need to integrate and harmonize so we can pave the way for change. This is a time for looking inwards and letting go of all the things we've been clinging to, which we know do not support our growth. On top of that, all planets are currently in direct motion until March 5, and again from March 28 to April 10. This astrological event brings the added message that now is the time for new adventures, a time for hope to replace fear as we move forward with a revitalized sense of purpose and increased self-awareness.

Willow Tree provides support for us on this journey. Like all trees, the Willow is a transmutation facilitator, assisting us in releasing into the earth what no longer serves us while holding no judgement. Willow Tree prompts us to be adaptable to challenging situations as it can bend to extremes without breaking. We are asked to go inward, slow down, and breathe. Learn from the past, follow our inner vision and fulfill the wishes of the heart. Willow Tree assists in releasing deep emotional pain and sadness, reminding us that every ending is a new beginning. Focus on the positive. This tree also replenishes our vital energy through its connection with Gaia so if you've been feeling drained, this will provide the assistance you need. Installing this Anahata Code into your energy body provides you access to everything the willow tree symbolizes.

To install this assisting frequency and gain access to the collective definition of Willow Tree and all it represents, watch the video below.

For additional support, we look to Safety Energy Lock 9, which came into the universe meaning "the end of a cycle is the beginning of another, every end is a seed of a fresh beginning." That is certainly true for this eclipse. 9 is located at the base of the shoulder blade near the spine, and helps us to let go of the past so we can move forward into better things. It dissolves accumulation in the body, both physically and emotionally, and it gives the gift of discernment, recognizing what is without judgement. There are two easy ways to benefit from this assistance. The first is to hold or “jumper-cable” your elbows and the second is to simply hold your thumbs. Both have a direct connection with Safety Energy Lock 9.

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