Take the next step on your healing journey
Take the next step on your healing journey

Policies & Frequently Asked Questions


Payment Methods


For Distance Energy Healing services, I accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) and PayPal.


For mobile services, I accept cash and all major credit cards.


When is payment due?

Payment is due prior to the beginning of your session.  When you schedule online, you are asked to pay at the time of scheduling.  If you schedule via phone, you will find a "Pay for Appointment" link at the bottom of your confirmation and reminder emails.  For mobile services, you may also choose to pay in person at the time of your appointment.


Both the information you provide and the work done during your sessions will remain confidential under HIPAA regulations.

Cancellation Policy

12 hours advance notice is required when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment in order to avoid being charged for your session.  Cancellations, missed appointments, or rescheduling with less than 12 hours notice will result in the full amount of your appointment being charged to your credit card on file.

Read the full policy here.

Referral Rewards

Refer someone for any healing session and receive $20 off your next session!  


After your referrals have completed their first paid session, you will receive an email with a Coupon Code.  Use this code when scheduling your next appointment to get your $20 reward.  There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.


*Referral rewards may only be redeemed for individual sessions; not available for sessions purchased as part of a package.


*Due to current limitations with the scheduling software:

  • Only one referral reward may be redeemed per appointment scheduled.  
  • Referral rewards may not be combined with other offers.

Energy Healing

What should I do to prepare for my session?

A good night's sleep and adequate hydration are important.  Make sure you drink plenty of water leading up to your appointment, and have water available to drink during your session.  This will allow your body to more easily process the release of any imbalances found.


Timing for Live Sessions

If you selected Skype (kristian.googe) or phone (678-621-2378), it is your responsibility to call me at the scheduled time.  Please be punctual in order to guarantee you get the full benefit of the time you've booked.  If I have not heard from you within the first 5 minutes, and if I have your contact information, I will call you via your preferred method.   


What communication options do you use?

Distance Energy Healing sessions are done via Skype, phone, or email.

You can call or text the number listed above or email if you have any questions.

Massage & Bodywork

Massage therapy, reflexology, assisted stretching, or other body manipulation techniques are provided for stress reduction, relaxation, relief from muscular tension, and improvement of circulation and energy flow.


Massage does not have to hurt to help!  If you experience any pain or discomfort during the session, please let me know immediately so I can adjust the pressure to your level of comfort.  Too much pressure can cause a muscle to spasm in order to protect itself.  It is better to ease into a muscle, allowing it to relax, rather than forcing into it, causing it to spasm.


Massage therapy is solely therapeutic in nature.  Draping will be used during the session, and only the area being addressed will be uncovered.


First-Time Clients

Please be punctual to ensure the full benefit of your scheduled time.  If you have not filled out the intake form and liability waiver, you will need to do so before your session begins. 


For mobile appointments, I will arrive at your home approximately 15 minutes prior to your schedule appointment time to set up the massage table.  If you have not already completed the intake forms, you can do so at that time.  If you would like to fill them out in advance, you can download them here.



Please be present and ready when I arrive.  Appointments begin and end according t your scheduled appointment time.  


Each session begins with a postural assessment and brief discussion of your short- and long-term goals.



I do not accept health insurance.  For massage services, I can provide you with a detailed report of what we worked on.  Some insurance companies may accept this and provide reimbursement directly to you, however I cannot make any guarantees.


Draping for Massage


If you are receiving a traditional massage, you will be draped the entire time.  Only the part of your body actively being worked on will be undraped.  


There are only two exceptions to the massage draping rule, both of which require you to be fully clothed: Chair Massage and Sports Massage.  During a Sports Massage, you will need to wear loose-fitting athletic attire.  For a chair massage, you will need to wear comfortable clothing.


Recipients of Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reflexology sessions remain fully clothed so draping is not required for these services.



Tipping is always appreciated but never expected.  On average, clients tip about $10-$20 per hour.  Others choose not to tip because they see it more as a healthcare expense.  Either option is appropriate.


Areas Served & Travel Fees

I am located in Newnan, GA and work on an OUTCALL basis.  Travel fees apply to distances between 10-30 miles.  At this time, I do not travel beyond 30 miles.



Massage Therapy, Reflexology, and Jin Shin Jyutsu are complimentary therapies and are not substitutes for medical care.  They are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any physical, mental, or emotional conditions.  Any discussion during sessions should not be construed as such. Please see a qualified medical specialist for any physical or mental ailment of which you are aware.  Consult your physician before starting or stopping any medications or starting any course of treatment, exercise regimen, or diet.

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