Take the next step on your healing journey
Take the next step on your healing journey


What is a Heart-Wall?


A Heart-Wall is an energetic wall or protection around your heart made up of trapped emotions.  It's estimated that about 93% of the population has one.  Your subconscious builds this wall during times of severe emotional pain or distress, when you are experiencing "heartbreak," in order to protect your heart from getting injured.  Unfortunately it doesn't go away on its own when the pain has passed.  Think of it like a bomb shelter.  It will keep you safe while the bombs are falling, but once the pain has passed, you need to leave the shelter.  


If it isn't removed, it can lead to your feeling sad, frustrated and disconnected from others.  It could even lead to heart disease or other physical heart problems.  Removing your heart-wall opens you up to all the joys life has to offer and leaves you free to create abundance and find true love.

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