Take the next step on your healing journey
Take the next step on your healing journey

I am looking for 20 volunteers (human or animal) to help in my journey toward becoming a Certified Anahata Code Practitioner.  Volunteers will get a FREE session to experience Anahata Codes.  Get started here.


Anahata Codes deliver Assisting Frequencies for highest good directly to your energy field through your heart chakra.  Assisting Frequencies are represented by numerical codes and encompass the innate healing qualities of various vibrational elements (such as essential oils, crystals, totems, meridians, etc).  These Codes provide the intelligence of the things you need most in order to shift and balance on all levels.  Essentially, they assist you in returning to wholeness by acting as catalysts for automatic healing responses.


For more information, visit www.anahatacodes.com

Emotion Code

Body Code

Heart Wall

Emotion Code:         Free Starter Kit


The Emotion Code eBook (Value $19.95)

The Emotion Code Audio Book MP3s (Value $47.95)

and the Chart of Emotions (Value $19.95).

Essential Oils for Your Health

Essential oils can be used three ways:


Aromatically to uplift and energize or to calm the nerves; 


Topically to cleanse and moisturize, even to heal burns;


Internally in teas or recipes, or to aid in digestion.


The possibilities are endless.  

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