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What my clients are saying...

"Kris has been doing Body Code work with me off and on for about 7 months now and I have been ASTONISHED by the results.  There is no better word, truly.

He has helped me seriously reduce visits to the chiropractor for hip and back pain, eliminated terrible migraines, and done wonders with my lack of energy and concentration issues.  And each time, I have seen 90-100% improvement within a few hours of the session!

Kris also did some Body Code work on my dog, and in just a few sessions, he had much more energy and his hips seemed so much better that he actually jumped into the car by himself... which he had not done in probably 2 years!!!

I can't possibly recommend Kris and his Body Code work highly enough!!!  Thank you!"

-Lia L

Such an amazing massage therapist!! Knowledgable, professional, and always attuned to his clients' issues. I feel very comfortable having him work out my body's stresses and would recommend him to anyone. They say falling asleep on the table is the highest compliment you can pay a massage therapist; Kris puts me in a coma every time!

--Lauren S


Hands down THE BEST massage therapist.  My stress levels tend to be pretty high when I walk in for a scheduled massage.  By the time Kris has worked his magic, I am totally relaxed (something that rarely happens for me).  He tailors the level of massage to your specific needs and always listens to each concern, suggestion or praise.  I have only had praise!  I can't wait for my next visit.  Thanks, Kris, for helping me manage the knots that make their way into my muscles on a regular basis!

--Cindi D

Kris is an amazing massage therapist!  Extremely knowledgable, professional and pays attention to his clients.

--Melani H

Kris did a great massage on my neck and shoulders.  I highly recommend his services if you are in need of relief of tension in your upper body.  I will be going regularly.

--Meena S

Kris is amazing!  One of the best massage therapists I have ever been to!

--Jennifer B

Kris did an EXCEPTIONAL job on my prenatal massage.  his technique is so therapeutic.  I have had at least 20 massages in my lifetime and I can honestly say this one was the best!  Do yourself a favor and at least book an hour because it is so worth it!  I will definitely be back!  Thanks again Kris!

--Kim P

Had a massage session with Kris and the results are exceptional.  His knowledge base is far more than that of an LMT.  Because of this, the results he was able to achieve are far above where I thought I would be.

--Payson D

He is very good and professional.  I would love to do it again.  Strongly recommended!!

--Terisa L

He is phenomenal!! Being a breast cancer patient he is so attentive & caring!!

--April R

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