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mini malas for breath meditation

"What man created in a lifetime, the Creator can undo in one breath."  --Mary Burmeister

Breath Beads are like mini-malas and can be used for short breathing meditations. Exhaling completely, and inhaling fully, count one bead for each full breath. Inhaling deeply into your belly, filling the lower lobes of your lungs, activates the parasympathetic nerve endings there to promote the "rest & digest" response and get you out of "fight or flight."

It is recommended to take 36 conscious breaths daily. Nine breaths each to balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of the body. As Mary Burmeister says, "What man creates in a lifetime, the Creator can undo in one breath. Breathe, drop your shoulders, and BE the smile."

There are 9 beads in this bracelet, the number of universal love, which resonates with creative abilities, problem-solving, and learning to say 'no.' In Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ), 9 symbolizes the completion of one cycle, to begin another. 

Breathe through these beads four times daily, all at once or throughout the day.

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